Wade (aka Dad)

Born in a time of social and global strife, Wade became keenly aware that the world is a big (and often times scary) place at an early age. His goal with the podcast is to break down barriers, be them generational, social, or familial. When not working in the field of technology, you can find Wade in front of his TV, playing with his grandson, or traveling with his lovely wife.


Megan (aka Daugther)

Proud member of the iGen, momma to three beautiful cats, and avid anime watcher, Megan -or Mae to the people she’s pays to be her friends - started Gen Gap Cast with her dad with a goal in mind. To make a difference and to entertain. In a world that’s full of conflict and unease, Mae wants to offer some hope and to help open the pathways to meaning conversations that can help make a difference. She enjoys comfortable nights in, funny animal gifs, and questioning why we exist while trying to sleep. Special skills include getting gold stars for everything she does, texting over 150 word per minute, using SnapChat filters like a boss, and talking for long periods of time about nothing.